Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Bye Dr. Pepper.....forever!

In light of our recent travels my life-long habit of soda guzzling is over. Normally I wouldn't post this because of fear of backsliding, but I have completely lost the craving for the sugary concoction.

The addiction reaches back to my early elementary years, spanning most of my adult life. Dr. Pepper was my 2:30 pm salvation during nine yrs of public school teaching.

Its been a long haul. One of the coaching techniques I use with clients (and myself) is to use time away from daily routine to incorporate a new habit or pattern. Upon returning home, rather than picking up the old habit, its a great time to align with a new supportive one(s). This is the first of many new changes I'm introducing. The spring energies have provided a wonderfully fresh platform to make shifts (don't look to the weather and temps to confirm this.)

Since 2:30 seems to be my "temptation" hour I've replaced the habit of popping a top with brewing a pot! One Yerba Mate Chocolate is an old favorite and I've purchased a new box. Today at lunch I had a wonderful (cheap) refreshment. It totally hit the spot. No aftertaste, no headache and no self-guilt!

Please note, I make no judgements toward others who have tango with soda, its truly a tough dance to step away from. It is a personal change I've wanted to make, one notch in the belt, many more to go.

Does this mean I'm leaving behind coffee? Don't be silly! I prefer gradually stepping down! I could possible break an ankle with out my java!

The cool side-effect is that my kids noticed and they are excited in joining me (power and support in numbers!) They are wild about green tea. We even brewed some on the deck this afternoon.

So this farewell DP. Its been "sweet". I won't miss you. In fact you rarely cross my mind at all these days. Don't worry, there are thousand who adore you, I saw you sneaking out with another woman in Wal-Mart today. Apparently you are already over me too, so I don't feel bad. Here's to a fresh start.

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