Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cat In The Hat Ride

We successfully managed to scare the b'jules out of Pake right off the bat with the Spiderman 3D ride. The kid may need some therapy by the time we are finished!

The other two did just fine. Our middle one appears to have inherited a serious thrill-seeking gene. We were quite proud of his request to "go again" (because his parents wanted to also!

It was unseasonably chilly but being the sun-starved freaks that we are we opted for the short lines on all thw water rides! Perhaps not our brightest move (my hair is still wet at 6pm) but it was a blast. Ask Park about the Jurassic Dino....he screamed like a little girl!!!

We did tone it down a bit by visiting Seuss Landing. If was 4 again, I would have been in heaven....Pooh sure was! She actually wanted me to take a picture, which. Is huge for my camera shy spryte.

We are on our way to find some food and then rest our feet awhile. I am hoping to hit some shops downtown tonight but the kids are insisting on hitting the pool. If I can find a hot tub they may get their way!

We'll be back at Universal tomorrow--we have a date with a mummy and some aliens to eliminate!

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