Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Joy of Airports

The hurry up and wait begins. We rush to the airport and then stand in line and for security and wait for the flight back to Denver.

This has been a great trip. What I have most loved is getting away from my routine and responsibilities for a while. I sure haven't missed doing housework, laundry and constant cleaning; time's up though and I'll soon pay for my break.

What I won't miss is the begging and incessant desire to purchase every blasted stuffed animal in the Disney area. Thanks anyway.

I do love the green, living vitality of this location and that part is hard to leave. We head back to a land where it is possible to have a blizzard in May. Joy.

Ok, we are ready to go through security now. Hopefully the lines moves faster than what it looks like its going to.

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