Saturday, March 20, 2010

'Penglins' Pryce'4 favorite bird'

Maybe I should double check that?! At least I think that is the correct classification for this species; you know it could be a tomato, is really a fruit kind of thing!

We are learning a lot here at Sea World. Two of my three children want to become dolphin trainers! I don't blame them, its all I can do not to jump right in there and swim with them. I actually remember playing "Flipper" in the bath tub. Yes, that tv show is wayyyy "old school" as Pake tells me!

That kind of job would be pretty cool, but probably not going to happen living in NE!

Maybe they'll be doctors and laywers or......truck drivers and such?! Anything but a penguin poop-picker-uper!!
(I'd still love em if they'd do that though!)

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