Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have You Made Your List Yet?

Apparently my children think they are on the "good" list this year?!? The night I taught the Happy Holidays  class, each child penciled in this year's desired items. Chad played "scribe" for the youngest, who's list coincidentally, is the longest. These items really tickled us and I wanted to share them my blog readers.

I warn you, there could be a chuckle or two arising from your within. Keep in mind, this is the actual, UN-EDITED list. Here' goes:

Parker's list: 1. skateboard 2. bottle of non-alchoholic wine (*insert my first laugh here) 3. arrows 4.backpack 5. french roast extra bold coffee (*insert a gasp and giggle here) 6. a knife 7. size 4 boots. the ones that goes up to your knee and black and square toe (Mom's interpretation......just like Wyatt Earp on Tombstone) 8. fake mustach 9. punching bag 10. Hank the Cowdog cd 11. ipod

DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN?!?! non-alcoholic wine? coffee? fake mustache? (roaring now!) please note I thought the spelling was cute on his list so I didn't change it when I typed it here

Pake's was just as funny. Here's his:
1 Dove care men's body wash 2. 2 bottles non-alcoholic wine (must not be outdone by siblings!) 3. french vanilla roast coffee (I seriously don't know who had the idea and who borrowed it. Doesn't matter I guess......my boys drink coffee???) 4. more tech deck's with a big ramp like the barn you got us last Christmas (correction...that was Santa that got it.) 5. wii fit plus 6. Colorado Rockies baseball cap 7. Back To The Future I, II, and III (economizing the list, that's smart) 8. mp3 player


And last, but certainly not least, here's the youngest's list. Prepare yourself.....it's long
1. bull whip (what for?) 2. clothes (definitely not the kind Mom would pick out)  3. sleeping bag 4. dolly 5. cat 6. catfish 7. turkey 8. bling bling boots 9. fashion gloves with sparkles 10. rearing up black stallion 11. bling bling hair clips 12. non-alcoholic wine (her too????!!!!) 12. nail polish 13. lips (translation, lip gloss, I hope........) 14. monkey spray (what???) 15, books like Rudolph 16. Rudolph movie (no economizing here) 17. skate board kit (she doesn't have a skateboard!) 18. headgear and retainer for the dolly (huh?!? when did THAT become cool?) 19. stuffed animal Maxy (like on the Grinch movie) 20. Tinkerbell fairy dolls (too numerous to mention!)

Santa has is work cut out for him, wouldn't you say?

I'm still laughing about the non-alcoholic wine, fake mustache, Dove care men's body wash, and.......a turkey!

I'm off to make my list. It's pretty simple (relax!)

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