Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Care To Join Us For A T-Bag?

Blue Sparkle happily agreed to be my model for today's blog post! She's a big fan of T-bags and can now spot a stray t-shirt miles away (atta girl!)

This idea came from a book titled "Simply Sublime Bags". It was my answer to recycling t-shirts and making something purposeful/useful and best of all I got to play with duct tape and staples! (Last year at this time I wasn't as comfortable with the machine in my craft room as what I am now!)

I've since made several bags in a wide array of colors and sizes. I recently converted a cute little 2T Halloween/bat shirt into a mini-sized trick or treat bag. The purple "Julius and Friends" t-shirt, shown here, is one of my favorites! I like the small size, though it's still roomy enough for a water bottle, snacks, notebook, books, scarf, etc. It also quickly converts to a lunch bag.

I have a larger size I use for grocery bags. It actually stores all of my "green bags". It's bright neon green and grabs my attention when I throw it in the front seat to remind myself to take it into the store. (Am I the only one that remembers that I brought bags when I'm ALREADY IN the store? Uggggg!)

Duct tape comes in all kinds of colors, including purplr plaid and tie-dye! The colored versions are a little higher price than the good 'ol original, but they provide fun bursts of color within the bag's lining. This bag spots a bright yellow interior, which I adore!

These bags can be whipped up in less in an hour. They make a great gift and even a fund-raiser or silent auction item. I made several of them with 2nd graders last year.

Small to medium sizes are the easiest to work with. If using large of extra large, make sure to have at least a couple of roles of tape on hand.

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