Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Many Miles Many Blessings

Just a quick note to my sweet blog readers to let you know, I'm still kickin'!

I've gone well over 1400 miles since last Friday. I'm feeling a little tired but it isn't dampening my joy and sheer delight in the many blessings that I've experienced in the last week! I've had the opportunity to facilitate Journey processes, connect with wonderful friends, and students, hang out with fabulous kids, teach a Holiday class, travel, do some Christmas shopping, and most of all, experience unexpected opportunities to receive. Today, I was honored to meet a Lakota Grandfather, Sibby LeBeau. Sibby was a code talker in the war. His humor, stories and giant heart just made my day! He gifted me his manual, "The Medicine Way", How to Live the Teachings of The Native American Medicine Wheel. I can't wait to sit and read Sibby's wisdom. I hope to do this soon! In about five minutes, I'll dash over and get the boys and we'll head to the spaghetti feed at the Community Hall, in
honor of Veteran's Day.

I have much to share and will do so as soon as catch my breath! For now though, these shoes are ready to walk on!

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