Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Accessory Redux

Remember yesterday I mentioned that I love hats?! Little did I know I'd be sporting this purple, feathered beauty!
Do I look like I am ready to try out for a part in Burlesque?!

This lovely headdress (and fab photo!) come from dear friend and "Bunco Babe" Heather! We met up last night for our monthly dice throwing contest. I'm happy to report that I WON.....for the looser's category. I somehow managed to roll the "1, 2, 3" combination 16, count 'em, 16 times. In Bunko, this is NOT the goal because you loose ALL the points for that game. It doesn't matter if you have five, fifteen or fifty, if your dice show up with a 1, 2, 3....the points are gone and you start over. Yeah....I'm that GOOD.... or bad, depending on how you look at it!

The purple "showgirl hat" goes to the lucky gal who can roll all three dice with sixes on top. I did have the honor of donning it twice last night, both times fleeting! Peggy had the "fastest Bunko on the west" I think I sat at the head table for a grand total of five minutes. Good thing too, with Belle ringing the bell, I was nearly deaf! (She's got quite the arm on her! I have a feeling the neighbors all knew when the rounds ended!)

All in all it was GREAT fun and this bring me to my 3rd cre8tive gift suggestion.....forgo gift giving and opt for quality time spent with friends! What a better way to pass the time during deep autumn and winter evenings! Yes, we all lead busy lives. Yes, we always have all kinds of obligations, responsibilities and to-do's that go on for miles. It may not be easy, convenient or something you feel you can justify time doing and that is JUST THE REASON to take time out to be with friends! It is the people, the human connection, the laughter, the joy, the fun that feeds our inner fires and keeps us going. Without our favorite "peeps" where would we be?

Make a date to celebrate a winter festival with friends. Build a bonfire and sip cider outside under a quilt, watch a movie, whip up a new recipe, play games in front of the fire....the possibilities are endless. Focusing on the experience and time together is truly the greatest of gifts we can give and receive!

And if you're very lucky, maybe you too will end up with a lovely purple head-piece to parade around in?!?!

Hat's off to you Bunko Babes...thanks for the great time!!!

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