Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Check Out the Hood!

I've dreamed about having a large copper hood in my kitchen for years.

So rather than pine for something that is not in my budget, I applied my craft cowgirl can-do abilities and painted the existing hood. I used hammered copper Rust-oleum hammered paint, which is very sticky and a little hard to get even. Granted I'm a sloppy painter (no carpet is safe with me around!)

The copper instantly changed the look of the kitchen. Part of what makes it so bright is the white surfaces and appliances, coupled with the sky light. I loathe the white counters. They show everything such as the scorch marks from the last canning episode. It is interesting to note how the copper color warmed the room, making it seem a bit cozier than the stark white.

I'm contemplating slapping some paint on the fridge. I'm not sure yet.....stay tuned!

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