Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cold Weather = Quilts!!!

One of the things I LOVE to do in the fall and winter is wrap myself in the luxurious comfort of a handmade quilt. There’s something deeply comforting when surrounding oneself within such an artistic creation. In the organization efforts of early spring, I realized just how much I love blankets, throws, quilts, etc because I found more than enough of them for myself, the members of my family and any friends who come to visit!, I’ve kept them all too. Nearly everything else went: plastic bottles and cups were recycled, the clothes sold or given away, the decorations donated but the blankets stayed……..you just never know when one will be needed for a road trip, or to throw on a lap while sitting by a campfire. Extras can always go in the horse trailer, the camper, tent or (and this is THE most important one) for building a forts in the living room!

I’ve been a long time fan of the handcrafted. When possible, I prefer to purchase such items as there is definitive vibration that goes missing when the item is mass produced. I am in awe of those who can sew and quilt. I am learning to sew on my grandmother's sewing machine but it is a slow process. Though it is fun, and I enjoy it, I am certainly not as "hooked" on it as I am knitting. I definitely admire those who can take a piece of fabric and turn it into something wearable, useable and beautiful. Quilting nearly blows my mind! I am always amazed at the final result. I've never quite figured out how seemingly contrasting pieces of material can come together and coordinate in such elegant masterpieces.

These quilts are the creations of Mitch Schulte, the brother of my dear friend Shelly. Yesterday, during our visit, Shelly brought this amazing Five Elements Quilts to show me and I knew that I wanted to share it here. It's safe to say that I'll likely NEVER make a quilt! I don't have the drive or the passion for it, though I LOVE that other people do! I don't know Mitch, but I am already a big fan of his talents! (He also created the Star Quilt picuted above!) If you are interested in having Mitch design/create a custom made quilt for you or for your holiday gift giving. Please send me an email. I’ll be happy to share Mitch’s contact information and how you can get in touch with him! What a great idea for a family heirloom, a gift that can be enjoyed for many generations!

In addition, if you have a talent that you'd like to share through this blog, send emails and pictures to cre8tivecowgirl@gmail.com I'll be happy to pass along your offering. Tomorrow's easy, peasy, cre8tive craft idea.......T-bags!

And don't forget..............Cozy Craft Afternoon this Saturday at my place!

Here's to honoring and celebrating the homegrown and handcrafted! Happy Holidays!!!

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