Monday, November 29, 2010

Farm Fresh!

I was so excited to see two dark brown eggs in the nest yesterday! It appears that at least one of the new girls has the egg laying bit figured out. She just started, hers are the gorgeous dark ones.

Camo, the sole survivor from this summer's debacle, has been laying steadily since she moved into her new "digs". She's giving us such fun; her wing was damaged so unlike the reds, she does not fly up to the nesting boxes. Instead she builds herself a warm little spot on the floor, under the boxes, to leave her daily treasure. Yesterday, Pake and I were giggling as we uncovered three that were hidden in the pine shavings. (It is still like an Easter egg hunt with her, and just as exciting, because I have no idea where she's hidden them!)

I must say, this is the boost that I needed. Egypt's milk output has severely diminished, which is probably normal, given the cold and dark conditions. I'll put it this way, I have enough for my cowgirl latte tomorrow and maybe a splash for my chai oatmeal!

We are down to the last three store bought eggs. This is nearing a major milestone, as I've been dreaming of farm fresh eggs for a LONG time! It has become an inspiration for a Barnyards and Backyards article. I'll share the link when it's posted.

Maybe it's time to start collecting egg recipes?!

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