Friday, November 12, 2010

Slowing Down Sister!

Good Frosty Morning! I write to you today from the ultimate, cozy, comfort of my recliner. It's rare that I ever have my bottom here, but today, its necessary.

All this runnin' and gunnin' was so I could take it easy for a few days. I had a huge bone spur removed from the top of my foot yesterday. I knew it was coming so I've had time to prepare myself, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Surgery went very well. I've taken the bare minimum of pain meds and believe it or not, I think I could've gone in and substitute taught for my favorite school today. I know I could have! I love to sub and would have had a great time with the adorable 2nd graders, however, Dr. H. and husband gave out a resounding "NO!"

As much as I've planned for this down-time, it's not easy for a "girl on the go"! I love to be out and about, I love to be doing something productive and I really enjoy connecting with others, so when all my going comes to a screetching hault, it takes a bit to align!

It's easy to do with a cute little chick on my lap and a fluffy grey dog by my side. I have a slew of books and magazines to read and more than enough ideas to fuel this blog, the NAJPA newsletter and December Ki Previews! There's never a time when I'm bored.....EVER!

And what a perfect day to stay in and snuggle down. There's snow on the ground, its cloudy, cold and droopy......but I'm not!
I'm feeling incredibly bright and sunny. I have amazing support in my family and friends. My body is healthy and strong. The "unknowns" that I've been working with are still here but they don't contain the edge they did last week. I'm breathing in and out and for today, that's really all I have to do.

I'm not used to "taking it easy". I didn't get where I'm at today by sitting in a recliner! I am driven and I like to be busy, so this is more of a challenge than I may want to admit. And......I'm sure there are beautiful, brilliant lessons here for me to experience.

PS--- Don't be surprised if you see a lot of blog posts coming up, it looks like I'll have some time for writing!

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