Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Got Milk?

Got Milk?

I’ve just finished cleaning up an enormous mess. I had filled my coffee cup with honey and goat’s milk. My grip wasn’t solid and as I walked to the fridge, the heavy jar slid through my hands and crashed on the tile floor. I saw the whole thing in slowwww moooootttttiiiiioooonnnn. The clean-up was even slower. Crap. I had plans for that milk. I would have been upset if it was one of the kids that dropped the jar……. but since it was me……..I just grabbed some towels and a bag and started picking up pieces off the floor. I cannot believe how many shards it broke into and how far they flew. Wow. If you want something busted in a bazillion pieces, call me, I seem to be quite gifted in the realm of destruction. (The picture above was the one I did not break. Fresh from Egypt this morning.)

Marley quietly padded from his napping spot to help me lap up the mess. BS didn’t even flinch, she was watching a movie. Its rare that the tv is on, though at the end of the month, when I am working on Ki Previews, a movie is popped in, her mouth closes and Mama has an hour or so of peace; that is if she has eaten and has her slew of stuffed animals nearby. She’s very independent for the most part. I recently found a bar stool in her bedroom. She’d used it to grab something from the top shelf, the shelf I thought was “safely out of reach”!

Many of you have asked about the goats. I’ll post pics one of these days! (I love hearing from you via email, facebook and texts! Keep 'em coming! It is so great to hear back from blog readers, you all make my day much brighter!)Little Sammeria is growing like a weed. Mama has slightly warmed up to her but will not, in any way, let Sammi nurse without someone holding (mom) in place. The milking is going very well. We milk in the morning and baby gets the rest. By the looks of baby, she doesn’t need much! I’m getting around ½ gallon each time I milk. The kids are not huge goat milk fans, that is, they do not drink it without a little chocolate Ovaltine in it. I do use it in everything, including this morning’s pancakes. No one could tell a difference. The ice cream has been divine, on that, we all agree. I haven’t bought “store milk” since the goats arrived in May. Correction, I did buy a gallon of milk for coffee and rolls at church; I didn’t figure everyone would want raw goat’s milk after church, though I think some would’ve been game to try it!

Here shortly, I’ll be diving into cheese making! I’m very excited to get started with that. I absolutely love feta cheese. I eat it on everything from pizza to grilled cheese. I also want to experiment with soap and lotion making but that will be for later this fall. The garden is still thriving, keeping me more than busy. We’ve harvested over 30 quarts of beans, tons of onions and I’m about to dig up potatoes. I’ll be drying herbs next week, making pickles, sauce and soup. I also need to tackle the very messy craft room (boys need a study zone) and perk up the basement a bit! My need to clean and reorganize is kicking in strongly. I update and clutter clear with each season and that time is now upon us. Once again I find that there is more to do than the time I have to do in all in. I’ll be taking a break around the 17th so much to do before I relax for a stretch!

The boys buzzed off to school today. They were excited to see their friends and reconnect after what felt like, in their words, “F O R E V E RRRR”! We sat down last night and had our first family meeting. It wasn’t exactly as smooth as I had envisioned but it’s a start. Each child has a night when they will choose the meal and help prepare it. The other two will help with clean-up. (BS volunteer to pick up forks, oldest sibling is sure it is to stab someone with……….feel the love kids, feel the love!)

My goal is to be more organized and efficient. For me, that means making supper in the afternoon, before kids come home from school. We have so much to pack in before bedtime. This will require planning ahead (not my forte but will be by the time I’m done here!) We’ll move supper to 5:30 and then have time for chores before dark. Each child will have a laundry day. They’ll start a load and have it all sorted, I’ll wash and dry and then they get to fold and put away when they get home. BS already washes and sorts her clothes!

We also hashed out an after school schedule and chore list. Funny, they are now thinking school will be easier than working at home! They did do a lot of work this summer now that they are bigger. I promise that load will not get lighter! I have enjoyed passing on the job of lawn mowing. I love a freshly cut lawn, I hate being the one to mow it! I’ve had to work on releasing my view of “perfectly manicured edges” though. Eeeesh! When one turn the lawn care over to kids, one cannot be too choosy. This has become my mantra, “At least its done, at least its done, at least its done, don’t look over there, at least its done”.

I am taking a day off from salsa canning and working on Ki Previews today. So if you are dear client reading this blog, your preview will be emailed soon, I promise. (They are coming together brilliantly, we are in for a very fast-paced month with many shifts and changes. If you are a four tree, invest in a stampede string, you may need it!)

Is this the most random update/ post I’ve ever written? I think so. We are counting down to Z n L’s wedding on Saturday. We’ll be scooting out earlier than expected so that we can pick up an extra favorite traveler, my Mama! Ga will join us on Friday night, which I cam excited for. I miss her and we don’t always get the opportunity to just hang out! Woo hoo (thank you Lord!)

Hope your first day of September is spectacular!


  1. I am so impressed with you--you embody the very definition of "country woman"! Farm/ranch life makes the dweller abundantly industrious. You are such great parents to instill this way of life in your children. And, I'm certain this "oopsie" trend (milky shards of glass, exploding pressure cookers) is temporary.:)

  2. Hey! Thank you!!! I really appreciate the wonderful comments and support! I honestly know no other way, it's definitely in the genes. I do hope that this is helping my children understand and appreciate where food comes from, honoring the earth and the animals and all the work that goes into making a meal. I do hope you are right.....I have been much more careful in my jar handling and cooking pots!

    I'm going to read this comment again and again, especially this week while I am wondering why I planted to many tomaotes and the frugal part of me will NOT let them go to waste! Again, many thanks!!!