Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tis The Season

Oh yes, its that time again. Like any "holiday" canning season can certainly sneak up on a girl. This year is no different. I had been canning beans so all of my supplies and tools were already cluttering up the kitchen. Normally I look forward to this event, I actually don't mind, though it is hard work and I've discovered that the counters in this house are designed for someone about three inches shorter than I am. My back, shoulders and neck are in need of an adjustment from my favorite chiropractor, Dr. Klein!

I ended up with 30 jars of salsa, half hot, half mild. We have more red orbs coming on so I'll fill in with spaghetti, pasta and my absolute, all time favorite, t-soup. I'll post the recipes later. I have a lot to do today, in addition to canning. I have a few ki readings to finish compiling, kids and supplies to organize for tomorrow's first day of school and then packing for Z n L's wedding this weekend. We have one excited flower girl here at Rafter Lazy H! (there may or may not have been some bribery with a Jesse Doll!)

So without further ado, I'll pull myself off of the computer and get my rear in gear. I'd much rather be writing, that I know! I had a wonderful brainstorming session with Chad on the way home from Utah. It looks like I'll be able to devote more time to writing by this time next year. I have several awesome articles in the words and even a fun, fabulous kids book idea. If anyone reading this is an artist that loves to work with bright colors and is willing to do something totally new, never seen before in a book..........have I got a deal for you!

Ok, the water is boiling, that's my cue!

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