Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I've heard this could happen. I have a healthy respect for pressure cookers in light of the recent burn I'm sporting. I was very cautious when getting my tools gathered for this morning's bean canning.

I set the water on to simmer while I went out to milk Egypt. I came back to this: lid on the floor, rubber behind the pot, the tray standing on its side and water EVERYWHERE! Thanks be to God we were not near the stove. I've not had a smooth run with my canning experiences this summer; I have to say I got lucky on this one!

After a search I discovered a slight piece of something in the vent. I don't know if this would have been enough to cause the explosion but I wasn't going to test again and see. I have switched to a using a different pressure cooker, one I recently bought on a farm sale. So far it appears to be working just fine but I'm definitely keeping my distance. I may have to invest in a new one today or tomorrow. I had gotten along fine until recently.

I'm not giving up, this is part of the twists and turns along the 'ol road of experience. I've never claimed to be an expert on the subject. I learn as I go. I make mistakes, a lot of them and sometimes the same ones. I can be a slow learner. I hope to model for others and especially my kids, that mistakes are vastly important steps in whatever we are learning to do. For me the desire to learn and experience surpasses the desire to "get it right" and be perfect. I'd love to "nail a landing" some time. It'd be great to birdie a hole in golf or cook a meal without burning something, cut straight edges on paper, have a car without door dings, or clothes without stains. This is just not me though. I'm perfectly content with the imperfection that runs through me. I haven't always been but I'm settling into it as I get older.

I do have to laugh at myself. I've not heard of anyone else getting a leg twisted in barbed wire, cooking their arm and then blowing up a pressure cooker all within a few weeks! That kind of drama is worthy of an award.......(I know just what award you are thinking of Carl!) Just picture me in a haz-mat suit, with thick rubber gloves to my armpits, goggles and a safety helmet. I'm going to give "home canning" a new look!

I've got 7 quarts in the cooker now. I forgot to put the weight on so I have to start the time over. Nice, very nice (sarcasm works on occasion to get me through the day!) It is a gorgeously cool, over-cast and perfect for canning. I've got golf tonight, a road trip tomorrow, an appointment with my hair goddess on Thursday, two days to gather veggies and can 'em, pack clothes, edit a newsletter and "head on outta here"! Life is good!

I don't remember what its like to be bored. I'm sure I was as some point in my life I just can't recall what it would be like to have nothing to do.

Here's to finding all the wonderful things about yourself to have a good laugh over. Go ahead, put that helmet on and join me!!!

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