Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Anasazi Must've Known Santa Claus

To our surprise and sheer delight, we found Rock Art today. From our careful calculations, it appears.....that...the ancient Indians in this area must have known about Santa Claus! Among "Moab Man" and various other drawings, we found what clearly resembled a sleigh and reindeer! The kids were very excited to know that 1. Santa is THAT OLD and 2. He loves the desert too! (Technically this is probably not a desert, but it sure seems like it compared to our grass covered hills.) I for one totally dig the dryer climate as does my skin and sinuses!

We also saw drawings at the Wolfe Ranch, on our way to see the moon come up over Delicate Arch. These petroglyps were much easier to see and were very well preserved. We didn't find evidence of "the man in red" but we could easily pick out the Big Horn Sheep and horseback riders!

This was a gorgeous hike. We traveled up in time to watch a brilliant moon rise over a huge rock near Delicate Arch. We had taken a hike across the "ditch" earlier in the afternoon. This made us deeply appreciate and RESPECT what we saw up close. Delicate Arch is NOT on a flat little mesa like we thought. You get there by taking a trail on the left side of the fin. The right side is a sheer rock wall, pretty much straight down! We lingered awhile, soaking in this awe-inspiring view. It was one of the most gorgeous sights I've ever seen. Again I have pictures but I don't think they do justice to the real thing!

Being the "uber-cautious" Mama and Daddy that we are, we headed our little hikers back after about 15 minutes or so. It was an amazing site and we still had an hour walk back to the truck! The hike back was brilliant. We used flashlights but really didn't need them. The moon lit our path and we all found our pace, winding down the hill and talking about nothing of significance! I shared my pride and encouragement with the boys. Chad has such a long stride that we don't even try to keep up. I really am proud of their willingness to hike! They could protest and whine and they didn't. They were tired and sore and they were great sports! I hope this will be a fond memory for them someday....or one of those "Do you remember when mom and dad drug us all over the country and made us hike all day?" I told the boys I'd give them a few years before we'd go and hile the Inca Trail----that is
definitely on my list someday!

Also on my list is to do a backcountry hike in Canyonland. This may sound nuts, but I really LOVE to hike and I really dig this place! I'd like to spend at least a couple of nights in the park. Its likely, I won't get to do this anytime soon but its sure on my mind.....

We came back to our room, all tuckered out and ready for bed. Dad went to the store to replenish tomorrow's food/lunch supplies and Mom downloaded some 315 pictures to the computer. In addition to peaches that melt in our mouths, we were also treated to ice cream, Carmel Caribou and Mint Chocolate Chip! It was $2.97 for a pint and a half (two scoops at an ice cream shop would cost more than that).

I'm thinking we should've fed them ice cream before the hike because the boys will not stop giggling......reminds me of when my friend, Jamie, and I couldn't stop laughing one night in a motel room with my mom. We were to compete at a high school rodeo the next day and couldn't go to sleep. Never knew my payback would come in the forms of an 11 and 9 year old boy, in Moab! And since it is still August and not December, I can't say, "Boys, you'd better be quiet, or Santa will skip this house." At least we know he's real. We have evidence!

We'll see what else we can find tomorrow! We head to Canyonlands and Deadhorse Point. Our navigator is on a mission to see and cover as much ground as possible! We'll be up and at 'em at dawn.

Happy Trails!

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