Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'd Make A Horrible Ballerina!

I see myself as energetic, willing to change and try new things. I can be daring and even take risks. I like funky, quirky, authentic and unique styles. I honor creativity and adore handmade!

I think I am a hard worker, sometimes a "wanna-be over-achiever" and usually a pathetic perfectionist. I am a lot of things but one thing I am graceful. Nope. Not even close. I miss that mark by miles, even when I'm not trying!

I would love to "float" through the kitchen, delicately cut vegetables, cook in an organized fashion and follow daintily in Martha S's footsteps. Whatever! I'm convinced its not going to happen in this lifetime.
How do I know this? Easy. I just fsizzled my skin when I lifted the lid off of the pressure canner. Like a firearm, they are only dangerous if the user doesn't know what the crap he/she is doing....or if the user is careless, in a hurry, tired, etc.

I had not realized the lid was sealed when I went to lift it off. Steam shot out instantly. OUCH! Yes, I should have known better. The proper action would have been to turn the heat down, wait and then, calmly and gently lift off the lid later. Why didn't I? Who knows! I like the feel of scalded skin?!

I knew it was bad. So as soon as I caught my breath I headed to the medicine cabinet for some outdated "silvadine" the best dang stuff for burns ever invented. I'm sure it will heal. It's been two hours and I feel like my skin is as hot as the sun.
So, I'm not going to win any Julia Child's cooking award. However, I share this because maybe, just maybe, you were doubting your cooking abilities. Don't! Anyone can run a kitchen, it takes a super-talented, non-graceful, impatient, muli-tasker to really make canning exciting! Have you hugged your pressure cooker lately?

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