Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More Beans

In my great wisdom I sent the boys out to pick beans. I incorrectly thought that they jad picked them all. Not. Even. Close.

I have been in the garden all morning and I'm not yet making a dent. I came in to empty my dish pan. I am blessed with an abundance of beans!

The only thing about canning beans that I dislike is picking them. That is why I tried to pawn the duty off on my offspring. Lesson learned. I guess this one really did need my expertise, or just extra hands. It was pretty hot yesterday. I'm sure that is probably why so many beans were missed. Yes, that's it!

so while I really would love to be doing other things I have to remember it is garden season. All those fabulous craft projects are now officially on the back burner. I did have an inspiration as I was picking my life away; I believe this fall I'd like to host one craft/creativity playshop a month. I'm going to open our home to those interested in working on creative projects or crafts in the company of others. we can knit, sew, quilt, scrapbook, whatever! I think it would be fun and inspiring to come together in this way and maybe, just maybe, I'd be accountable and HAVE to sit down and do something FUN!

Break is over, back to the garden I go!

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