Thursday, August 19, 2010

Road Trippin

One thing about getting up early to do chores has taught me is to appreciate the cool, calm vibes of morning. I enjoy morning travel, the sun shining, wind blowing my hair and tunes blaring from the radio. I haven't always been a morning fan but I'm turning into one now!

It took me most of the day to get home. We had several errands to run, supplies to replenish and a head of hair to beautify (thanks Barbie!!! U so totally rock!!!) The chicken, duck and guineas are stocked. We have another pack of pint jars to fill with beans (and boy do we have beans!) And we have one Mama that is ready for a bath, jammies and bed. I'm sure my five-year-old would be more than happy to tuck me in. Think about it, she's have the run of the house, access to my lip gloss and no one to tell her to get out of the freezer (she found the chocolate stash). Don't worry, that isn't going to happen!

I'm going to do chores, as soon as I can muster up the energy to do so. All the lattes in the world are not going to energize me at this point! I'll take an early bed and rise at 6 am for a thorough garden picking. We've got beans, corn, cukes and tomatoes that are bursting now. Its time to get serious about the harvest.

Horrible timing too. We leave Sunday. This means that I had better get my ducks/ chicks/ goats in a row. I've hit a wall though. BS has lovingly shared her new favorite germ with me. My throat is sore, eyes watery, head heavy and I have chills. What is this?!?! A cold? Boo! Time to drag out the herbs. I don't have time for such drivel nonsense! (Like the virus will listen!)

Chad is packing up for his rodeo run. He's got a pack to hit. He's not too far away from qualifying for the NSRA finals. I'm sure hoping he has a good weekend. He appears to be healthy so its good that he won't be near me for a few days.

The sun is going down. Its become very clear that my best work is done in the early hours of the day. Like the sun, I seem to dwindle the closer it gets to days end. This is quite a change for me, a self-proclaimed, perpetual night owl! I guess I never had my heart seat on being any certain way, just an observation I'm making.

Here's to a lovely day's end to you and yours.

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