Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Travel Essentials!

These are my favorite items to travel with: one Blue Sparkle, a vintage suitcase and a goat milk latte. I have these babies and I'm pretty much set. Throw in great tunes on the ipod and an open sunroof and I'm nearly in heaven on the open road.

We are sneaking away for a quick trip. We'll be home very soon. It feels good to be on the road but I never tired of the scenery near home. It calls my heart back, no matter how many miles I log!

I'm not sure how many miles this old suitcase gone. I found it in a Goodwill store three years ago. It immediately caught my eye. I took it and its larger sibling home for a grand total of five bucks! I use them for decorating, storage and especially travel!

My other travel "essential" was supposed to be with her Grammy and Grandpa today. After several minutes of big tears, I got a phone call and ended up with BS in the back seat again. I didn't mind. I kind of missed her too! I know there will come a time that she probably won't shed any tears and will excitedly head in the direction of her heart. That day, I hope is a long ways off. I can wait. She keeps me awake and entertained with her constant chatter. Her excitement for life is contagious, I can't help but smile when she makes a mew discovery or when runs into her Daddy's arms saying, "I misted you!" Lately she's been wearing skirts and scarve, which tickles me pink! I've been waiting for this! However watching her jump from one bed to the other, here in the hotel room, is not nearly as cute to witness. I about fell over when she took the first leap! It was a lot further in between
beds than it looked but she made it. Clifford is on the tv, a rare treat. She's now barking and growling and playing with her pet wolf! Yes, one should never leave home without their Blue Sparkle!

And finally GML (goat milk latte) my new favorite drink, is what I sip on as I'm driving down the highway. I doubt they serve this at Starbucks, but just for fun, I think I might ask for one! Like my daughter, I like to have a little fun too!

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