Friday, September 10, 2010

The Sauce Is On

I have a confession to make: the last thing I want to do today is can these tomatoes! I made the mistake of "popping in" to Hobby Lobby yesterday.........I haven't been in my craft room for more than 5 minutes since last spring and I miss it terribly. I realize that canning/garden seasons takes priority but I am.............tired and crabby, cranky, short-fused (yes, so hard to believe......I hear the snickers from some of you reading this..........) and well just plain tired of being in the kitchen. I enjoy canning for the most part but not when I have so many other things going on.

I will be making chili base today, a little more HOT salsa and then whatever is left over will go into tomato juice and/or soup. I am craving a Bloody Mary right about now............there's something about that tomato-ey spice and dill beans that makes my mouth water. Throw in chips and homemade salsa and it's......fiesta time......*sigh* No, no it's not, its time to get my bottom in gear and quit procrastinating.

We Chad has another busy weekend. The NSRA finals are in North Platte so we'll see him sometime Sunday evening. He's got two willing and able helpers that will be put to work tomorrow morning. I'll either can or clean here at home and then take in the festivities tomorrow evening. If you are in the area, come on out, it should be a fun time.

And HERE is the long awaited, much asked for Tomato Soup Recipe. Caution: if you make this, it may forever "ruin" your shelf t. soup doesn't hold a candle to this concoction! This is a large amount so feel free to "downsize it".

14 quarts ripe tomatoes
7 medium-sized onions
1 stalk celebry
14 sprins parsley (optional) I use it if I have it, if not I skip it!
3 bay leaves
14 tablespoons flour
14 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons salt
8 table spoons sugar
2 teaspoons pepper

Wash and cut up tomatoes. Chop onions, celebray, parsely, bay leaves. Add this misture to tomatoes; cook until celery is tender. Put through a food mill (I use a foley) Rub flour and butter into a smoothe paste thinned with tomato juice. Add to boiling soup; stir to prevent scorching. Add salt, sugar and pepper. For smoother consistency put through the sive again (I don't, at this point, I'm tired!) Fill clean jars to whithin one inch of the top. Put on cap; screw band firmly tight. Process in Boiling Water Bath 15 minutes yield is 10 pints.

Of all the things I can, this is the most labor intensive and the most delicious. There's nothing better than popping open a jar of this in the midst of a blizzard!

Have a wonderful weekend. And if you don't hear from me next week, you'll know the tomatoes have ganged up on me and declared an end to their demise. I actually feel like they are about to win this battle anyway!


  1. Hey busy one, I have question about the tomato soup. Do you start with raw tomatoes or cooked? I am getting ready to harvest tomatoes, so we will see how much soup I make! Thanks for the recipe! Lucy

  2. Hey there! This is a great question and one that I can answer two ways...........the first time I did it, I measured 14 qts of raw tomatoes, before cooking and peeling, etc. The next time I measured after. It did make a slight difference. I ended up with more for the jars the second way. I honestly don't think it matters, both batches turned out fabulously. I think you can also adjust it for fewer tomatoes. The next time I do it, I will still measure out the maters before I cut and peel. It was a pain to measure them afterward! hope that helps. I'd love your feedback! IT IS SOOOO good!