Monday, September 6, 2010

Its About Time To Light the Lanterns

Fall is here, not officially by the calendar, but its in the air and wind today. My garden is saying farewell, though we still have lots of cukes left to pickle.

I'm working on tidying up the main areas of the house today. Not a job I enjoy but I can't can another jar of anything in such chaos. When you can't find the jar lifters or spatula, its time to clean and reorg a bit.

One of the things I enjoy about fall are the colors. I love vibrant golds, reds, yellows and oranges. Ask my spouse what my favorite color is in any season and he'll tell you......BROWN! Its true, brown is the staple in my wardrobe. He buys me bright green and pink sweaters to help me expand my color scope. I love coming into my home and being greeted by a burst of fall colors (this is the ONLY time I use artificial flowe arrangements) and spicy pumpkin smells. I plug in a little George Winton on the ipod and work to the sounds of Autumn wafting from the speakers.

I'm in a fall mood today, I just wish I was a little more organized. I've tackled the floors and am clearing counters for another round of canning. Floors and counters are like the mind: if you are going to do anything productive you've got to clear away the debris!

This week looks deceptively open. I know its not. I always have a to-do list a mile long. I also think I'll be able to fully relax when it's all done. Pish, dream on, right?!?! I'm learning to relax in the chaos. Easier said than done for this chickie....yes, I'll be scheduling a Journey session soon to help release those old patterns.

With the arrival of fall, my lanterns will be lit in the evenings. We've been hard on them here lately; two globes busted this summer---the kitchen tile is NOT forgiving. Though we don't have a parlor, I'm slowing converting the upstairs living room into more of a sitting room. This means, lots of books, knitting and no television. I'm being helped out here as our tv quit working a month ago. It can still be used to watch videos but we can no longer watch the news or weather. I've shared with the kids that I'm sure we'll all live! Step two will be taking out the entertainment center which will hopefully open the area a bit more.

I wish I was as exciting about cleaning and canning as I am about decorating and rearranging! Alright, time to "labor" on! Enjoy the holiday!

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  1. hi good day ! nice lantern . even if its an old model . my grand father use to used this in our farm reminiscing the days . well anyways i hope that i can make a wind chime that lights up like a lantern very unique i guess . i hope you have an idea on this . and i hope you can help me . i hope to hear from you . thank you

  2. Hi Tony~Thanks for the comment. yes this is an old model it came from a few generations ago. I have a soft spot for old things as they take me back to those days of yesterday! Your idea does sound unique. I'll have to ponder this a bit! Right now I'm smack in the midst of a huge amount of canning but I'll think on it while I work! Good to hear from you.