Saturday, September 11, 2010


Finally----a chance to sit for a spell. We've been on the go today. It feels like I'm walking in sand (and no I'm not spoerting those trendy, toning sketchers!) It seems like its taken FOREVER to get things packed and organized to travel north 30 miles and get some errands ran. I forgot to get the oil changed in the car. I KNEW I was forgetting to do SOMETHING, I just didn't realize until I drove by and the place was closed.

I "rescued" the boys from the arena work. You get to do all kinds of fun things, like sort cattle and "clean" the arena. I had two hot, thirsty boys that were ready for some pool time. They LOVE the water, which makes me glad. I love it too, it could be my second home. Their father swims like a rock....Once in a while I'll swim in a hotel pool but my kind of water is outside, a river, lake or lagoon that I can't see the bottom of, the more remote, the better.

We may or may not head out to the performance later, I haven't decided. It is usually rare that we have the luxury of a motel room since we have a horse trailer with living quarters. That said we spent a few days in one on our Moab trip, one tonight and a couple next week. I like the idea of making a mess in someone else's room! Ha!

I have a fun new book that I brought to read, "Farmer Jane" Women Changing the Way We Eat. I have some idea about where I want my little farm to go, down the road; I'm always open to new ideas and of coarse, inspiration. I'm an impatient one though. If I have an idea, I want it to manifest NOW, not 2 years from now. The goat/chicken complex is still not done. I still do not have eggs and have not yet made any cheese. I hope by the time the facilities are complete, this will still be what I want to do! I tend to jump in, learn, experience, grow and move on. This is how I'm wired, so perhaps, I'll be well versed in many subject but not "specialized" in anything!? There's so much I want to experience!!!!

I love crafts/creating, decorating, designing, growing, making, gardening, hiking, biking, camping, photography, teaching, learning, reading, writing, knitting, jewelry, shoes, singing, music, violins, guitars, antiques, Ireland, dolphins, mountains, clothes, funky purses, blingy boots, golfing, great friends, campfires, horses and dogs, peace signs, rainbows, no particular order!
I haven't figured out just yet, which one I LOVE the most, but I consider it an accomplishment to at least have identified my "passions"! I'm wondering, what adjective, theme or description you'd offer to someone with such an interest listing??? I'm all ears!

I'll ponder this a bit longer and perhaps daydream a little about what I really want to do/be/experience in the coming months. This is what I think of when I have any "down time". It's been suggested to me, by more than a few close friends, that I need to slow down a bit. I want you all to know I's nice, I think I could get used to a slower pace.....when I'm 70? (I'm totally joking A, B, C, E, J, M and S! I AM WORKING on my WORK ADDICTION!)

Rest time is nearly over. They've swam and soon they'll be starving! Gearing up for a second go 'round! Have a great weekend!

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