Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Thunder's Rollin

There's nothing I love more than a thunderstorm, especially in the fall. I'm one of the strange ones that find comfort in howling winds and torrents of rain. I'm sure I'd feel differently if I were in the elements, stranded somewhere; however the comfort of my home makes a storm somewhat of a thrill in my day. I enjoy watching the clouds swirl and today, I especially appreciate the cool air replacing what was hot and muggy just an hour ago.

I've turned off the burners this week. You can take that literally and figuratively. Knowing what the ki energies are in this month, and what lies ahead, it was important that I take some time off to recalibrate and come to center. I'm usually a busy girl, wound pretty tight but this week I'm working on slowing down, way down. I see a lot that I want to do, yet its clear that my focus must remain on the individuals directly in front of me! We are fully into our school schedule, which allows me approximately 4 hours of freedom, Monday through Wednesday!

It seems that what I thought was "getting things done" is really going in a lot of circles. In fact I'm realizing a lot of interesting things as I breathe in this air from the "side lines".

For once, I'm not worried about getting supper cooked and over with, showers taken, homework done and kids in bed. We're not even close to being on track tonight. We are opening the windows and feeling a powerful breeze billow through the curtains. We are all relaxing and visiting about the day. Soon the phone and computer will be shut down. Books will come out, lamps will be lit. It's Wednesday night and I've declared each consecutive Wednesday will be our "quiet night". I think we all could use a midweek break. Its nice to be treated to "mother nature's movie" just outside our window. Time to slip into our comfy clothes and snuggle down!

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