Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Two Red Heads

I love it when my kids get along, it makes my job as a mom much more enjoyable.

Yesterday was a long day and it stayed that way late into the night until two of the three fell asleep. The eldest inherited the "stay up late gene" that both his father and I possess. We have, successfully passed it on. I still had to get after him for trying to ride bulls, on the bed, while watching PBR. We do not get cable, so staying in a motel with tv is a treat. That said, it is not a treat at midnight, when somone is riding an imaginary bull, floundering about on the bed you are attempting to relax on. Nope, not a treat at all. I thought he's grow out of this eventually, but at nearly 12 years old and 5'2" he's still bucking strong. It much cuter when he was 2!

Before 8 am, I was being hounded by, ""Can we go swimming?" It was way too early. I was way too crabby. The good news is.......the kids are actually getting along. Its rare and I am not complaining! Each boy has taken BS in the deeper part, either on their shoulders or back. She LOVES the attention and being included in whatever they are doing. Sparky has put his goggles on her, Pecos has been playing "mermaid, seal and baby walrus" (I don't know what the game is, I'm just hearing bits and pieces of it!) She's now riding on Sparky's back, being a SHARK!

When they ALL get along, life is great, when they don't............grrrrrrrr. The only "gift" these kids would ever have to get me, ever, is to be friends. That's it. This would suffice for every holiday of the year.

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