Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My $13 Shopping Spree

I love Goodwill. I always seem to luck out and find what I am looking for, sometimes that which I am not looking for. Thr other day was a perfect example. I had about 20 minutes to spare in between appointmets so I whipped in and began my search.

A few months back I passed up the dome of a cheese dish. I have two dishes and no dome. They were broken by an adorable curly haired little boy who had an obsession with mommie's cupboards. (Mommie should've moved them higher, she hadn't expected her precocious child to explore so soon. That's only been about 9 years ago. You can tell how much I use a cheese dish/dome. I want to now though. I'll begin making goat cheese soon and would like to have a little display plate. I searched and searched. Last time I was in the store, I found two. This was before I remembered I needed them. I then forgot about it until my cleaning exercises this week, at which point I vowed I'd find a dome.

About to give up, my little eye spied a brown bottle. Perfect. I could already see sunflowers in the top. Score! I also looked for short skirts (not too short, we'll get to that in a minute.) I've come to LOVE wearing skirts and not just for going to town either. Like knitting, I don't know how this happened. I just woke up one morning and POOF, I wanted to start wearing skirts. I'm kidding, it wasn't that dramatic! Perhaps it is the path I've taken to embrace and honor my femininity or my love of previous eras? Whatever the case, I enjoy wearing skirts, I'm not questioning it any more, I'm going with it. I happened to come across two skirt that matched my cre8tive cowgirl style. Little did I know the green one would come in handy (keep reading).

As I walked out, giddy with my finds, I noticed out of the corner of my eye and adorable pink table. It's the perfect size for sitting a flower arrangement beside the back door or for BS to use with her kitchen set. The price though is what made me jump.......$1.25. The old garage sale, junk finding adrenaline kicked in. YEE HAW. I ran back in, slapped the cash on the table, put the back seat down in the subaru and head to my appointment.

I didn't not, at this point notice that the wind had come up. An hour later, on my way to Shopko, I was shocked to experince the gust of wind. Not nearly has shocked however as the man behind me that may be now scarred for life. Right there in the parking lot, the wind did a perfect "Marilyn Monroe" on me. I am blaming it on the wind. I was utterly embarrassed, trying to collect the bottom of my dress and get it to where it should be, just above my knees. I didn't realize that it was so poofy. I also didn't realize that anyone would ever see my underwear! Gasp. I'm sure I turned a billion shades of red and scrambled as best as I could to the safety of the indoors. Dear God! I would never have worn this dress had I paid attention to the weather forcast.

I looked hard to see if he was gone before I ran back out to my car, this time with my skirt stashed between my legs, and gathered up as much as I could with my hands. I still had three more stops, one lifting a laundry basket out of the back of the car. Sitting in front of the dry cleaners I decided to try out the green skirt. The plan was to shimmy it on and wear it under the red plaid dress. I wasn't any place where I could buy leggins and really didn't want another pair. I have two right now, that's plenty. So I hiked up the skirt. Sure I was sitting in the front seat of my car but I checked the size and thought it was fine. Why was it tight? I couldn't even zip the damn thing. To my surprise, it had been altered, stitched on the size by someone who also loved the color but had about a two inch smaller inch than I. Drat. I tried to rip out the seam and realized it wasn't going to happen without the appropriate tool. It was tight enough I was sure it wasn't going to fall off. It didn't and since it was under my short shirt dress no one had any idea that it was halfway UNZIPPED! It made me giggle then when I went into Menards, the last stop before my 30 mile trek home, when a girl said to me, "I like your outfit, it's really cute." Yeah, that's how I roll. I always plan my outfits.............!

I went home and promptly changed into a much longer skirt. In fact, I am wearing a similar one today. There's no wind, so I think I'm safe! We are headed to a football game shortly. Our boys qualified for the Punt, Pass, and Kick competition. After that we'll load up and head north. I'll be attending a writing workshop in the morning. I am really excited about it. The kids are excited too, they are going to go hang out with Uncle Carl and Melissa. The boys are really wanting someone to take them fishing. Poor things, neither of their parents are into such sport. I told them when they were little that I wouldn't touch a fish........or a worm. They've stopped asking. They know if they are ever to learn, its not going to be from me. Nope, not my gift. I'll eat 'em, but do not ask me to bait a hook, catch one or clean one. I admire people who can. I knit. I hike. I read. I garden. I clean. I cook. I can ride a horse and rope a steer if I had enough time. I do a lot of things but I don't bait any hooks! At this point in my life, I do know where my strengths lie!

So here's to enjoying a beautiful autumn weekend with your family and friends! May you find an abundance of treasures and good deals!

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