Monday, September 6, 2010

Goat's Milk Smoothie

As I am cleaning and finding the bottom of my kitchen, I discovered two very ripe peaches in the bottom of the cooler. They would've been fine to cut and eat but a smoothie sounded better.

With my trusty "Magic Bullet" a bit of Carl's honey and fresh peaches, I've created a masterpiece! How do I KNOW its good? Pryce and Parker gobbled theirs down and asked for more. If I get more than two thumbs up around here, the dish becomes a keeper! We've all agreed that while it is challenging not to be able to load the car and leave, the rewards of having fresh milk are paying off. As soon as I get the canning done, we'll start experimenting with cheese making!

Back to work now, just had to share! Cheers!

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