Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Fast Food

All that hard work last week has paid off today. BS and I stumbled in this afternoon and were hungry. I packed plenty of "travel food" for the weekend the problem was the food went in a different direction than I did. I'd put everything in the fridge in the trailer. Chad and the boys are hitting a couple of rodeos before they join us back here on the ponderosa.

I started getting hungry on the way home but wanted to avoid stopping for convenience foods. Since my return home I've really been paying attention to what and how much I'm nourishing myself with. I don't own a scale, my goal is to feel more energetic and have slightly looser fitting jeans....

I also wanted to avoid the caffeine and sugar rush from soda. I've been off of pop for several months now and I finally don't miss that 2pm Diet Dr. Pepper urge......finally. I've replaced that habit with a variety of herbal teas. My current favorite is Gypsy Rose Mint, that I found in Moab.

Though I'm not above stopping for fast food, starving children and time constraints have humbly reminded me that sometimes you just have to "pull in". It wasn't my choice today. My first choice is that which is slow-cooked, homemade and from scratch. I like taking the long way around.

I buzzed through town, really to tired to think about eating. I found Marley first thing, and then we all went inside. I actually tried taking a nap but it didn't work. (I have no idea why, I'm feeling exhausted but I have a lot on my mind.....)

So without thinking, as I often do, I ambled around the kitchen looking for a snack. And then it hit me. Tomato soup! Perfect! I hadn't yet taken the jars downstairs so I opened a cute little pint of t. soup and inhaled. It's a little spicier than the last batch, but it was still quite edible! All the back pain, tied feet and kitchen mess is melting away with each slurp. Yes, I'm slurping too, the boys are not here to correct me and BS thinks its funny.

We had a super fun weekend with family and friends. The wedding was gorgeous, one of the nicest outdoor events I've been to. The setting was beautiful and the weather was perfect! It culminates the summer. Things for me will begin to wind down. I still have plenty going, on but my "events" will be closer to home.

A big thanks to our friends Kalee, Justin and Joe; they've cared for our livestock in the last couple of weeks, making it possible for us to travel hither and yon! (I promise a fabulous supper and campfire conversations real soon!)

I still need to go unpack and clean the car. This week will bring us back into a more predictable routine, which I think we're all ready for. Though I've tried to ignore it, it appears that summer is slipping from my grasp. I'm not ready to let her go. I do enjoy fall....its winter that I loathe! I'll be toasting it with several pints of soup though. That made today better, it can't help but improve those long, cold days ahead!

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