Sunday, September 26, 2010

Go Big Red!

We had the opportunity to take in a Husker game on Saturday. We had four tickets so Chad arranged for BS to go to her Aunt and Uncle's house. This was fine by her, she LOVES playing with her cousins.

It was a super fast trip down to Lincoln. We made time for one stop, just ONE! Chad went to look for supplies, he's got an elk hunting trip coming up. I high tailed it to Michael's, oh how I heart that place! I found some adorable stamps for a buck apiece and a few more essentials for card making. I'm going to explore the world of alcohol inks! I've been studying the technique and I'm excited to try it! Some on my Christmas list will be receiving a stack of specially designed greeting cards. I'm in the mood to craft and cre8te.....I just need the TIME. I know,...... don't we all?!

I will be tackling my annual "go through every room in the house and organize" this week. I'll leave no room untouched. And I will end up in the craft room and I WILL LIVE THERE FOREVER! Ok, that was a bit overzealous, I'm sure the point is clear!

I put off my cleaning efforts today though. We slept for four and a half hours and headed north for my adorable niece's baptism. She is such a DOLL! We had a yummy lunch and enjoyable visit with the Johnston and Sitz families. The cousins all had a blast! We now have quite a range too, from ages 12 to 2 months. There's rarely a quiet moment and we love it!

We're on our way home now. Supplies have been gathered. Our larder will be a bit more full by the time we unload. I'll be making granola and pretzels for BS's preschool snacks. I got ingredients for Tortellini and Italian Sausage Soup tomorrow night. Peaches didn't get canned :( beans didn't get "dilled" :( tomatoes didn't get sauced :(

We did have a fun time watching the Husker game with our boys and spending time with our family today. What a great way to relax into fall!

I hope your weekend was wonderful!


  1. Hi! We too were at the game! Don't ya just love the "Tunnel walk", the fighter jets during the National Athim, and the true grit of SDS? There is so much excitement and energy ya can't help but love being there. I signed up for classes,online, what time do they start? Gave my brochure away;) Happy Fall ya'll!

  2. We DO love the tunnel walk, its the best! The fighter jets were amazing, just gave me chills! yeah, those boys were loaded and ready. It was a fun, fun time! Definitely a unique Nebraska experince! Yay, I have student! hee hee. the classes start soon, first one is the October 4th, 6-8 pm. Can't wait to see you there!!