Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The One That Didn't Get Eaten......

After a two-week slack off, we made it to the garden for a little refresh and TLC. The bugs feasted on my acorn squash but somehow these gorgeous gourds lived! The vine they were on was shriveled and dry from lack of water but I suspect they had more growing to do.

Last year my sis-in-law, Jenny, gave me a couple of big, orange winter squash. I knew that I wanted these in my garden and secretly prayed they'd live. The seeds were pricey but I knew they'd be worth it.....they were!

Though on the small side, I cooked one up for supper last night and it was tasty. Interestingly I have become a squash fan because of my kids. To my utter amazement, they devour squash (with an ample amount of butter and brown sugar.) Having had to choke down food that I'm sure killed the pilgrims, I swore it off at the tender age of 8. I missed "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" special because of a darn squash.

I almost avoided any confrontation until one day when a little blonde haird boy pointed out that I'd missed the squash being passed around the table......I took a spoonful, smiled and wanted to gag. It was not love at first bite, or the second, more like 100th bite.

Sweet potatoes slowly got me over the hump and helped acclimate my palate to the mushy texture. It not the first thing I'd choose but I do love hot buttered squash on a chilly fall evening. The fact that my family eats it makes it a pretty delicious veggie!

Since giving up soda and the majority of sweets, my tastebuds are starting to pick up other flavors such as "nutty". Last nights veggie tasted nutty. With a hint of sweet cream butter and sea salt, I was pleasantly moved. Honestly I just grew these things for looks. I thought they were cool and would make a nice fall decoration.

Yesterday's wind, stirred something inside; I found myself with a desire to nestle into rhythms of fall through slow cooking. It signaled the end of a busy summer and the start of a new routine. I had no idea that I'd celebrate with a squash.....! I hope my mom reads this. She'd tell you....its a miracle!

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