Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rare Sight: Clutter-Free Table

I am taking in the accomplishment of today......the living room, laundry room, pantry, bathrooms, our bedroom and my closet have been reclaimed. Praise the Lord!

I can feel the efforts physically, my feet are killin' me, and I wore good shoes. I do wonder how many miles I trekked today; it feels like 20.

The feeling I get from a clean, organized, dusted and sparkly home is probably comparable to a "runner's high". I feel as sore!

I scrapped my original agenda when I realized my clutter and cleaning issues were a little worse than I had imagined. If this tells you anything, I didn't even turn on the ipod.....! I know, rare. I'm not sure I would've even heard the music, I was on a mission. I still am. My approach led me to go through my closet. Here I was relentless. I let go of several "oh if I just drop a few pounds these will fit item". Forget it. Not even trying.
So while I'm exhausted amd may appear to spend the entirety of my days cleaning, I assure you there will be different content on this soon. Very soon. Right after I get this house back into shape!

PS if you want a fab granola recipe, let me know......I found a keeper. BS is taking it for snack tomorrow!

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  1. Looks great! Good for you! I did a bog ol yard sale and got rid of TONS of stuff but I idn't deep clean "my house" yet. Most of the "stuff" came from our barn (storage)... I dont' have as much to get rid of in our home (as I've been doing this here and there) but I really really really need to do some deep cleaning!

    Good for you! You go girl!

  2. Thanks Mama! I have been unloading for the better part of a year but I am not more relentless in my tossing. We also have a storage unit to go through. Mostly things to sell. I have been collecting items to repurpose and I think I may have enough to open my own shop! ha Deep cleaning has been the theme. Can't believe how much dust and grime has accumulated. Thanks so much for the postive comments! Just when I needed a boost!