Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Mom Saves Nearly Everything!

My mom saves just about everything! I’ve slowly gotten a lot of stuff back through the years. Each time I’d come home there would be a bag or a box of old belongings that I would make a place for within my home. I love old things, especially ones that were mine when I was younger so its always a treat to see what Mom has “wrangled up” for me!

Pryce sleeps in my canopy bed WITH THE SAME RAINBOW BEDSPREAD and rainbow sheets though she loves her polka dot ones the best. She has the dresser that mom and dad bought for me at a farm sale when I was little. My mom carefully stripped paint and varnished the wood. Its adorable with the antique mirror. I have no idea how old it was when we got it but its loved and treasured, no matter what the worth. It now serves as a hold spot for various horses, toy kitties, spare change and………chewed gum.

We recently made a quick dash to V-town, which turned out to be a productive experience. I visited with the Mid Plains Community College Coordinator, and viewed the classroom where I hope to offer many FUN classes this semester and beyond. Pryce and I were also treated to a very special bag of surprises: a forgotten Flintstones coin purse, a plastic kitty from my Great Grandma Jeffries, a favorite Riddle Book with pop-up flaps, my blue ceramic jewelry box, a handmade shawl that I do remember wearing and my favorite little red sneakers! What great memories I was flooded with. I distinctly remember loving that little kitty. I wanted a cat of my own in the worst way; this toy was the closest I came to having one inside.

There have been times when I thought my mom saved too much. I realize this is not the case. If what you save has sentimental value, can be preserved in a way that keeps the items in good shape, and doesn’t take up a lot of space, then by all means, keep the “stuff”. This is changing my “toss it” philosophy! I do carefully monitor what I buy for my children, looking at the present value as well as what it might mean to them down the road.

I will say the “new treasures” have been a blessing. Pryce has played and played and played with the coin purse, jewelry box and kitty. Treasure boxes and trinkets are definitely her thing. She is the one I am now concerned with, my little preschool packrat!! Perhaps all this collecting and gathering will lead to an occupation with and passion for antiques or decorating or…………she’ll be my number one client? Don’t worry, she will be billed, especially when I get a call to help her downsize and organize all of the crap that I suspect will be in her house!

So while BS is now busy writing on the white board, I’d better get that way myself. I am taking a few days off for a “personal project”. I may or may not be blogging for a few days, we’ll see. I have much to do before I take a little break here and with five of us going in three different directions there are bags to pack, floors to clean, laundry to fold, fruit to pick, and counters to clear off. I dislike coming home to a disaster. I like to have a clean house BEFORE I leave and this time………… “it just ain’t-uh-gunna happen.”

I am going to be taking some time to rethink my path. I received some wonderfully creative ideas while visiting my childhood home. My Grandpa Otto is a great story teller. He was sharing some funny ones this time and the light bulb went off as I was listening and laughing with him. I have, what I believe are two fantastic story ideas, both very different in nature and both very much dear to my heart. Everyone keeps asking, "What are you going to do next year when BS is in school?" I think I know now. I have some stories of my own that I want to share. I am ready to put them in print. I never wanted writing to feel like a "job". I write and share because I enjoy it and if I want to share these stories, I realize I want to devote more time to honing my craft. I'm "putting it out there" that I'd like to find an artist/illustrator and a publisher. The stories have already written themselves within the fiber of my life. They are fun, inspiring and easy to share. The next logical step it to officially put them into print and let themselves fly to the hearts, eyes and ears of others who'd like to hear them. That's what I'll need help with, that is what I am opening to. I am asking for support, ideas, directions and to easily and effortlessly find just the right publisher that can share my vision, get my vibe and help me spread sincere, fun, funky, crafty, cre8tive, inspiring stories and ideas with the world. Let those apron strings fly............."Let 'er Buck!"

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