Monday, September 13, 2010

This Was The First Batch

I am now 28 jars richer. Today's canning kitchen project focused on pickles: bread and butter as well as kosher dill.

I am seriously rethinking my garden size for 2011. I had thought of selling produce at local Farmer's Markets but never got myself there. I guess I'll ponder that this winter. My reasons for gardening and canning, when I started this gig two years ago was to reduce our food bill, eat healthier and closer to home (you don't get much closer than a few steps from your front door!) I still am all for those reasons, I just have to keep repeating them these days. I think this is the most produce I've ever canned.

I thought I had the perfect excuse to quit today. I ran out of jars. Darn. To my dismay, Chad gleaned four large, forgotten boxed of empty jars and brought them to the house. Darn again. And......sigh. I rolled up my sleeves and finished. I'm waiting for the final batch of the night to get done bathing.

I have an early rise tomorrow. I have an MRI to see what's behind the nagging, constant ache in my knee and then there are a few errands and I'll be home. Back in the kitchen again. Tonight, and I almost can't believe I'm typing this, I am ready for winter. At least the part with cozy blankets, hot tea, good books, a warm dog and NO garden! I'm sure my attitude will turn around eventually. If not, I'll take my frustrations out while munching on crispy pickles!

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