Monday, September 27, 2010

Pretzels and A Clean Kitchen

Today was a productive day, one of the more efficient ones this month. It is nearly 10 pm and I am finally in a chair with my feet up. They hurt! The counters were scrubbed, the fridge cleared and organized, dishes were washed and put away and the cupboards no longer look like the scene of a tornado. As strange as it sounds, I actually HAVE to clean the kitchen before I can cook it in. This must revert back to my obsessive need to make a bed before I go to sleep?!  I feel better in a clean kitchen, I feel like cooking and cre8ting and that is what I did!

The cleaning didn't start as soon as I wanted it too. There were follow up phone calls to make, appointments to schedule and some time on the internet (aka time warp/black hole). I ordering craft supplies that I haven't been able to get locally. We also found the perfect prop for the 2010 Halloween costumes. Sparky has wanted to be this character for three years. We finally found just the right article of clothing and his brother thought it was so COOL that he wanted one too! I'd love to share more but........they've sworn me to secrecy!

The above picutres shows today's favorite project. I finally got around to using the wire basket I found this summer. Though I have a cupboard, I decided to showcase my favorite cookbooks for the the fall. I added my favorite plaid thermos and a few colorful flowers to perk up the space.

Once things were in working order I started into the cooking projects. First I made three batches of soft pretzels  two batches of soft pretzels, one didn't turn out so well! Pecos was happy to devour the "hard ones" as he worked on his homework. The pretzels are for BS's preschool snack tomorrow.

After the pretzels, I snuck down to the craft room to work with the new alcohol inks. WOW. I love, love, love them. I made a fun tag for the snack basket and my little helper also whipped up a work of art with her animal stamps. My goal is to get this room back in shape by Thursday. I'm going to need at least a day, maybe two. It's in sad, sad shape. I hate to admit it, but it's become a "toss n go" room. Its probably my favorite room in the house but it doesn't look like it right now. Anyone want a job? hee hee

Next, I went for a walk. The day was just too gorgeous not to get outside. I love this time of year and the cool evenings that greet us. Every year the crop near our house is different. While I love the wheat, there is just something magical about corn. As the breeze billowed through the shucks, I settled into a peaceful walking meditation. Though I had been on my feet all day, this was the kind of refresher I needed.

Back at the bard, I did the goat and chicken chores and then started in on the soup. I really should have paid attention to the recipe when it said 3. 14oz can of diced tomatoes. It would have been faster! Instead, I used my own. They were delicious, but being short on time, it would have sped up the process.

We dined on a wonderful Sausage Tortellini Soup. Everyone agreed that it was a "keeper". Two out five voted for more hot sausage next time. Majority wins though, especially if I am the cook! This may be an excellent holdiay soup, we'll see. I'm still quite fond of Chicken Corn Chowder. I like to start my experimentation early in the fall. I buy all my ingredients in November. My goal is to not step foot in a grocery store during December!

I've sketched out a schedule that will include reorganzing every room in the house. I really (x 1,000) want to put in new carpet in the upstairs office and bedrooms in October. I'll feel better knowing that I've got through and prepped before I begin. It is unknown at this time if 1. I have the funds and 2. if I have the help to move furniture out and back in again. I am proceeding though, I cannot stand to see the gross, disgusting, stained, old carpet any longer. eeeeek.

I think I finally found my mojo! It's long overdue. If I can get this house back into shape, I'll have more time for doing the things that I really want to do. I have a feeling this fall is going to fly by. I want to enjoy it and I know I'll enjoy it more when all my cute little duckies are in a row! Right now, three of those duckies are in bed and I suppose I should get there too. Tomorrow morning I'll tackle our bedroom, closet, bathroom, laundry room, floors, sinks, drawers, and pantry. In the afternoon, I'll resume my tomato killing canning, and peack jamming. Wednesday is town and errand day. Thursday, I meet with the dreaded basement disaster.....

Do you clean and reorganize each season? If so, please share any tips and suggestions you have!

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