Friday, December 17, 2010

Up To Five Now!

Chores around here are a lot easier 1. With help (Pecos is becoming an amazing assistant!) 2. With sunshine. Even when it's cold and my fingers are chilly, I'm a lot happier with a little sunshine shining down.

Chores are not easier with the new "stink-a-pottamus" billy goat. Oh how he needs a bath....or something. Pee-uuu! We've honored the eastern tradition by renaming him Ramses, since we have Egypt and Summeria. He's calm for a buck and integrating well. Not sure he's my favorite. I could find him of he ever got loose....just follow the stink.

The best news of all is.....we are up to five eggs a day. It's so exciting when the girls start dropping eggs! We're about ready to offer some for sale. We're have plenty for our own use; I'm now researching egg recipes (if you have a favorite, please consider sharing with other readers and send ideas my way!)

Chad is doing fine. He's sore but that's to be expected. His shoulder has needed attention for some time now so he's glad that the surgery is over. Now, on to healing.

We are headed to a basketball game. Sparky is playing at halftime. BS will stay home to be her dad's health care assistant (she's actually really good!) She'll get him ice, and snacks and answer his phone too.

I'm looking forward to a day iin my craftroom tomorrow. I'll post some cute card/gifts that I'm working on for friends.

First though, I think I'd better shower. Darned if I don't smell like that goat. Gross!

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