Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas........

Pecos and I just finished our rounds outside. We made sure the hens were all nestled in a clean coop and that the goats had plenty of hay. They have a perfectly good little shed, I'm not sure why they aren't huddled up in the corner; if I were a goat I would be. Either that or I would do that annoying little bleating sound until someone came and rescued me and brought me into their nice cozy house. Clearly I don't think like a goat do I?! The only time I hear that sound out of them is when they want to eat. Once the hay hits their stomach, they are content.

We gathered six eggs today! One was a monster of an egg, delivered by one of the red hens. It's a delicious chocolate brown and was nice and warm to the touch. I held it to my face as it made a nice little cheek warmer. I do love gathering fresh eggs right out of the nest.

Today was spent working on my tech issues. I have had frustrating issues with my cell phone and have been fighting with it for nearly a year. I don't love it but I've gotten by. I am trying a new one out. I don't love it either. I am not sure that I like a touch screen. Time will tell I suppose but already it is frustrating me too. Then to top it faithful, wonderful, old reliable friend, aka the Kirby vacuume cleaner QUIT!!!! Are you kidding me? What did I do to deserve this horrible catastrophe?! (I'm sort of joking here!) This device is one of my all time favorites and I use it daily. We three kids that cannot hit their mouths it is an essentail. I use it daily. I have no idea how we'll survive (*again, slight humor/sarcasm) This just adds to the frustration as I am not in the mood to spend any more money and certainly not excited about trying to find a Kirby repairman over the holidays! And you can probably imagine what this place will look like if I go without.

Ok. Another deep breath. Since this blog isn't "sugarcoated" I sure hope your day was sweet and that right about now, you are preparing to dive into something tasty and delicious. I rarely drown my misery with food but tonight, tonight, I just may crawl into an oreo ball. Rats.........I haven't made those yet. One more thing to do!

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