Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas From The Johnston Family!

Here's wishing you a very bright, fun, and festive holiday season! We've started the morning off right with baking fresh cookies for the "man in red" tonight. He'll be treated to peppermint bark, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies and...........delicious goat's milk! I might have to whip up cinnamon GML (Goat Milk Latte) so he'll be sure to stay awake the rest of the night.

Our tradition includes eating an early supper, unwrapping a few gifts and then heading off to our little country Church for midnight mass (at 8:30!) We'll celebrate with our friends and then return home to sleep all snuggled in our beds (or chair for Chad!) Tomorrow we'll wake up to stuffed stockings and Santa's treasures then we'll head north to visit family. I am looking forward to seeing our loved ones though I dread the packing and unpacking, it takes much effort to get this crew on the road in winter time. The best place for me to be is right inside my house. I have no problem packing up the camper and gear to travel about the country in warm weather; winter/cold makes me want to hibernate!

So no mattere where you hang your Santa hat tonight, may you be abundantly blessed with joy in your heart, peace in your home and the Spirit of Christmas all around. Happy Christmas one and all!

PS. I want to share a special thanks with my friend Ann. She is our family photographer and one of the few people that my kids (Pryce) will smile for! She does a fabulous job of working with very different personalities and capturing beautiful, creative poses! If you are looking for a personal photographer with creative insight, attention to details and precise editing......she's got it! Please visit,  email or call Ann @ 402.7501655.


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