Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mama's Elves!

Oh the joys of Christmas vacation; messy house, fighting kids, temper tantrums......aaaehem, I mean...YAY the kids are HOME!!!!

Seriously, I do love having all my babies here in the nest! The key to getting HAPPILY through the holidays is keeping these three busy. After chores this morning I put them to work cutting and stuffing."The Boss" (not me) was directing the show, telling his little sister that she wasn't cutting the slips of paper correctly. This in turn made BS pout, cry and put on a "drama show". She also received and escort to her room for a bit. The middle/mild mannered child just made himself a cup of coffee and took it all in! Oh my, We've got quite a range of personalities in this household.

We're not doing a formal Christmas letter this year, instead there's a little slip of paper that leads right to this here little 'ol blog! Instead of a once-a-year update, our family and friends now have access to a daily check in if they so choose. (If you are already a blog reader and you happen to receive a boring white slip of paper, it also makes a dandy bookmark!)

Today's "keeping the kids busy" events include getting our Christmas pictures letters ready for the post office, house cleaning, laudry catch up, tidying (in every room) wrapping and baking. You know, all that stuff that a mom wants to get done so she can relax and enjoy the holiday, kind a thing! Also included is keeping them out of my office, off of my guitar and violin (noise pollution!!!!!) away from the tv/movie, keeping them from tearing each other's hair out, keeping me from tearing my hair out, remembering to breathe and generally not freaking out because this is not my normal daily routine. SERENITY NOW! OK. I think I'm better. I can go back to the kids, kitchen and cleaning. Wish me luck, I'm sure it's going to a memorable holiday season!

PEACE and Blessings!

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