Sunday, December 19, 2010

Milk n Eggs? We Got 'Em!

Two of the "staples" that we are continually using are those pictured above. We no longer have to buy these from the store; obtaining them requires walking only a few steps across the driveway and doing 15 minutes or less of care twice a day. Pretty simple.

The milking part does dictate that we are on site a bit more but that too is easy enough. We don't travel as much as we used to; as the kids are getting older it's easier to stay in one place. My gypsy vibrations have done dormant (but easily re-awaken with the right conditions!)

Several years ago I started researching what it would take to transition into a more self-sufficient lifestyle. I've been on this path for a long time now but this THIS is the first time I've had tangible results. I have to smile when I see this old blue bowl bursting with farm fresh eggs! It is a dream come true and it hasn't been easy. I suppose that is what makes me appreciate it more.

I've had dreams of starting a CSA. I don't know if I have the energy for such endeavors. I'm the kind of girl that has more fun searching for vintage items to decorate her farm stand with than actually selling anything! Paperwork? No thanks! Jumping through a lot of hoops just "aint my bag baby!" I'd love to sell produce and crafts to people who genuinely want such items but I've never been one to "solicit" business. If it comes easily, great. If not, I'm sure a different dream will manifest.

Right now, I'm content to enjoy fresh eggs and milk on a daily basis. Next month I'll start browsing through seed catalogs and start planning my garden. I'm missing my fresh veggies. Eventually I'll have a greenhouse and some cold frames here so I can enjoy lettuce and spinach in December. That's another "down the road" goal.

I have several opportunities that have presented themselves in the last couple of months. At this point I've not decided any particular career path. I'll sit with such choices a bit longer. I have much to think about. This is what I DO know; Santa is going to be served goat's milk right along with those sugar cookies!

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