Monday, December 27, 2010

Just Looks Like a Bunch of Numbers......?

This is what I am up to today; I've spent the morning working on Ki Energy Reports. It's a little thing I do to assist others in knowing how to work with the themes/energies that arrive each month. Though many issues appear to arise in our lives randomly, there's actually a realistic explanation behind it all. This little "map" has helped me (and many others)  make sense of both rewarding and challenging situations. It's not voodoo and it certainly ain't magic. It IS a great tool to help us get to where we're wanting to go, expand our awareness and help us slow down long enough to appreciate the life we have the wonderful, amazing people within it.

I do this every month for clients and friends that request a preview........I'm really glad I took a look at my personal ki energies...........HOLY COW! I'm just going to forget about having any down time for a while. If I don't have that expectation, then it'll just be a nice surprise when/if it shows up. Looks like I am on for a really rockin', transformational time. I'm going to cinch my stampede string down tight..........I'll keep ya'll updated. I've got some important choices that will be coming down to the wire this week.

In the mean time, I have a tree to take down, a kitchen to clean up, a house to undecorate, laundry to wash/dry/fold, children to feed, animals to care for and errands to get done. I've contemplated keeping the Christmas decoartions up for another month, partly because this is a busy week and I'm not sure that I have enough blocks of time to get everything put away neatly and the other part is that I adore the holiday decorations, I'm always a little sad to put them away.

It's almost a new year though and I want to start it off clutter free and as organized as possible. I feel and think better when my home/space is neat and tidy and takes on a spacious appearance........I can't help it, that is the Feng Shui training in me! I need all the clarity I can get! The sad part is my cleaning efforts usually don't last longer than 12 hours, or the next time I cook.

Here's wishing you a wonderful week, wrapping up the final days of 2010!

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