Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deck The Halls With Oreo Balls!

Please excuse the fuzzy picture........I'm blaming it on a sugar high! This UBER YUMMY recipe was shared by my friend Ann. In addition to her fabulous shopping talents, she's a mighty awesome cook! You'll also see here talents behind the lense, next week, when I post the Johnston Family Christmas Picture. If you are looking for a cre8tive, talented, fresh photographer, she's your girl! (Plus she's patient with kids and in my book that is HUGE!)

I think I gained at least 20 extra pounds during a recent overnight stay! I was only going to have just one of these but........we'll just say the ones on the left side, the peanut butter flavored ones, didn't make it past 11 pm! I'm not telling how many I ate (and Ann, when you read this, you need not share that information either! hahaha!)

This recipe is also meets my "fun, fast and flavorful" requirements. We'll be having these at Casa Johnston soon! YUMMM! So from Ann's kitchen, to my computer, here's how to make Oreo Balls

This recipe does come with a disclaimer--I am not responsible for any increase in pant size or addictions that may come from making these...

1 pkg of oreos--any flavor
1 8oz pkg of cream cheese
1 pkg of almond bark--any flavor

In food processor:
Crush oreos (pretty fine)
Add Cream Cheese-process until blended--watch this so it doesn't get too 'gooey
Form balls-place on waxed paper--chill for an hour at least

Dip into melted Almond Bark and sprinkle with colored sugars or sprinkles if you want! Be cre8tive...use flavored almond bark or drizzle with opposite color almond bark--Have fun!

I can promise these will not last long, especially with SPRINKLES!!! I'm off to buy supplies.

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