Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time for Treats!

As promised, today begins with a fun, festive holiday recipe, sent by my friend, Lucy~

Strawberry Candy: 
3-3oz boxes of strawberry gelatin
1 can sweetened condensed milk
 1 pound coconut,
 colored toothpicks
green cake icing

Mix 2 1/2 boxes of the gelatin with the sweetened condensed milk and coconut.  Roll in shape of strawberry.  Roll in remaining 1/2 box of gelatin.  Insert round green tooth pick in the stem end.  Decorate in shape of leaves around stem using green cake icing.  Chill.  Freeze well.

Does this sound delicious and EASY?! It is definitely my kind of treat, fast and flavorful! These would be fun for school, church and other Christmas parties.......if they could make it out of my door! I would definitely have to create these "incognito".......or when BS is at Preschool.

In other news here at the Rafter Lazy H........many of my readers have requested a tree update! I've now posted pictures an facebook, the "Oh Christmas Tree" Album. You'll see Chad, aka "Clark W. Grizwald" has done it again. We have a gianormous tree, even bigger than last year! He found a large, full, beautiful white pine and we did (by the grace of God) get it in the front door! It sat vacant until last night; while I was in class, he and the kids commenced to decorate it. It's looking like the holidays around these parts!!! I will say that finding, cutting, hauling in a tree, getting it to stand straight and decorating it is A LOT of work. That said, it sure is the icing on our Christmas "cake"!

If you have a treat, gift, craft or holiday offering  you'd like to share this month, please send it my way!

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