Monday, December 20, 2010

Crafty Gifts

This is just one of the fun little cards I'm making this year for friends. I found a great site that has vitange images and I am having SO much fun with them (wait 'til I post the adroable kitchen/cooking and hen party stamps........FUN, FUN, FUN!)

In addtion to my love for goats, chickens/eggs, knitting and all things garden, I dearly love scrapbooking and card making. I dreamed up this little vision back in September but due to a very accelerated fall, I'm just now getting to putter in my craft room. I love using the Grinch green and berry reds. I couldn't help up add a touch of gold sparkle either. The monogram pin comes off and can be placed on a sweater or scarf. Each one is different and I don't yet have a favorite.................but there was something pretty cool about this design for my friend Colleen. I never know what anything is going to look like. I don't have a map or a guide. I pretty much just sit down and let it "flow"! So even I am surprised when it turns out (again, I am easily entertained, aren't I?!)

I have a few more of these babies to whip out. So far I've taken kids to school. Delivered a few packages and cards, did chores (almost 2 cups of milk today and three eggs this morning, did two loads of laundry, wrapped a few packages, went to BS's Chrismas program (ADORABLE!) made dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and planned the final Christmas eve menu (this is my lunch break at 2 pm!)  The guys are loading out our calves and cows to take to corn stalks and the ranch. Chad won't be able to do much until March so we're removing the temptation to work (I hope it works. I've already caught him in the tractor and attempting to wrap gifts with one hand. This is one man that just doesn't stay down for long. God help him heal soon!)

I have a few appointments in town and some last minute gift shopping tomorrow. After that it's just a little wrapping and a lotta baking. I'm waiting until my chef (Sparky) is out of school. He's taken an eager interest in cooking and so I'm going to put him to work~there's plenty of it! He's mentioned cooking up a dish that involves candy canes, chips and shrimp (eeeewwww!) I'm trying to steer him away from that and into a yam dish of some sort!

I always think right about now that I should start working on Christmas to-do's in July. I may do that in 2011. Maybe then I'd actually feel like I was ready?!?! Perhaps being busy adds to the excitment?!

If you are looking for a last minute craft project, think of a card and a pin. Use scraps of ribbon, a vintage tag, glue and sparkles, I bet you'll come up with something great! Send me a picture of your creation and consider joining me for a crafter's weekend in January.

Happy Holidays!

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