Friday, October 8, 2010

Time to Roll Up the Sleeves

This is the last and final day of my "Fall Cleanse" I so badly want this room to be restored back to its original  order. Last spring it looked amazing. It was the room I've always wanted and never had. And now that I have it, I haven't been able to enjoy it. That changes today.

I've been on the computer most of the morning. I try not to fire it up every day. Computers are black holes, they suck you in and zap your precious time. Some tasks though are necessary and I've been tending to those for the last couple of days. I do love my blackberry as it allows me to be mobile, you'll note I often post blog "musings" on it in lieu of starting up the computer and getting the mifi to actually work (angry face).

I am in the final stretch now. The boys are due home any minute, they have an early out today. I am hosting a jewelry workshop here tomorrow. Susan Tolley, mother of my friend, Sheri, will feature her beautiful, unique jewelry. Susan has created some gorgeous peices for me and I would love for others to know of her special talents. She'll have finsihed pieces as well as loose beads and stones for those who'd like to make their own "custom" pieces. We'll sip hot cider and much on some yummy fall snacks. If you are in the area please join us, this will be a fun day.

I have a FULL week coming up so it is really important that I meet this last clearing hurdle. Its going to be a doozie, I can tell. To be honest, I'd much rather take a nap. I am dragging here I am rolling up my sleeves to reclaim the craft room. Wish me luck. If there are no further posts after today, you'll know it was all just too much. I will have packed a small bag and flown to an island destination.

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