Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's not a fluke!

You know when something you want happens and then, you are so excited that you can’t believe it’s real? For me, things happen in 3’s. The first time I pause and go on. The second time something happens, I take note and consider it and the third time, I pay a lot of attention. It has to be repeated for it to be real.

Take the mountain lion I saw this summer. Three mornings in a row, my dog alerted me with her wild, protective bark! The first time, I couldn't believe my eyes, the second I was surprised and on the third day, I was looking for it!

Yesterday we had to reconstruct the top of our chicken complex roof. We'd placed a blue tarp to keep the birds in and keep the fox, coon, coyotes, and other varmints out. It is an illusion to think they aren't around they are. Since we've moved the foul to the great outdoors, out of the confines of the barn, it seems that the coyotes are even more daring, brave and present. Chad saw one dart across in front of him in the south pasture, on his way to check the cows in the canyon. I'm sure they know the chickens are here. I'm very glad we have a watch dog. She does her job very well!

The wild Nebraska wind's shredded the edges of the tarp where we had it zip tied to the fence. Last evening my genius husband, put the edge of the tarp in between two thin boards, screwed them together and zip tied them to the outside of the fence. I swear, this man is amazing when it comes to construction, the McGiver of Rafter Lazy H! It took several kids' legs and my arms/hands to hold the tarp down. I thought it was windy but today is much worse. I was in and out of the chicken house, listening for a "laying cluck"! I'm not sure that exists, I've never seen a chicken lay an egg but I've gathered a lot of them in my Grandma Ruth's chicken house. My bird is appeared to be an afternoon layer. I found the first egg on Tuesday afternoon. We came home late from town on Wednesday night and Chad brought one in. I'd asked the boys to go look and they came up with nothing, however their father found one on the north wall. (This is kind of like a daily Easter egg hunt, she doesn't know where the nest is yet!)

So I looked last evening. I looked and I looked and then I doubted..............maybe this was a fluke?! Maybe she was senstive to all guests in her space and was going to skip a day? We did make a lot of noise reparing the flapping tarp. I had every intention to sneak back out and take a peek but the evening got away from me. In the midst of supper making, I was called out to help load a renegade cow in the trailer. She's been on the loose for the better part of two weeks. I do believe she's worn out her welcome here. I suspect she'll be going to someone else's operation soon...........on down the road she'll go. We have no place for angry, mean, hooky cows.

By the time I came back from the one-cow round up, I whipped up spaghetti for six straving kids (we had a few little friends here for the day!) I never made it back out to check on the girls. They'd been fed and watered and were all locked up in their house for the evening. This morning, after breakfast, I stepped out for a quick visit. I wanted to let them out so they could get some fresh air, though they after being in a barn for so long, they are fair-weather foul, they don't like the wind anymore than I do! With much anticipation, I peeked in the doorway and there, in my path...............was the third egg! Yep, it's REAL. I have an official egg-laying chicken. Yeee hawwww! 

I have some crafts to work on, more laundry to wash, dry, fold and put away. We'll return a child and pick another one up and then.............we watch the Huskers play Texas. This household is all RED and we've all become "T-Magic" fans!  After the game, I have much today today to get ready for the birthday/1st Communion lunch tomorrow. Tomorrow night we'll move heavy furniture and pull up old carpet as the carpet layers will be here on Tuesday.

But with out further ado, I am going to walk into the kitchen and cook me up a little egg! I've been waiting for this day for a long, long time! Here's to a wonderful weekend, with a few delightful surprises scattered along your path!

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