Saturday, October 23, 2010

Football and Knitting

I'll admit, I have a hard time just doing one thing. I am a "chronic multi-tasker". I appreciate the aspect of being "in the moment" though I have a heck of a time sitting still! I do my best to focus on what's in front of me, but it's really best if my hands have something to do. Enter knitting:

I learned how to knit about a year ago. I'm still very much a beginner though I see my pace is improving. I realize knitting IS slower than crochet, though at this time, I'm content to keep expanding my knitting skills. There is something magical and amazing to me that two wooden sticks and a ball of fluffy yarn can be made into a scarf. Even more fantastical is the I am the one doing it! Excuse the self-boasting but HOLY CRAPPP!!!!! I'm actually knitting....and it looks good enough to give away!

This is coming from a former child who gave her Grandmother a reminder that like flowers and wine, patience really is a virtue! At one time my hyper-activity/ADD tendencies were what would earn me a trip outdoors to do something "constructive" and give the folks around me a break; those same tendencies are now responsible for scarves, purses, sewn halloween costumes, canned goods, grouted floors, painted walls, homemade cards, and weekly cooking experiments! I like to think such random, scattered energies have been transmuted into refined, creative vibrations that actually produce a viable end product!

I do sometimes admire others who can solely focus on "one thing at a time". I can when I choose to. I think of watching/listening to football and knitting is how I get the MOST out of couch time! It's rare that I even sit down so I'm going to make it count.

Plus this is a perfect day to knit. The weather is on the cool side, overcast and dreary. I love nothing more than to curl up and let my fingers fly. Flannel shirts, leggings, wool socks, hot coffee and knitting. This is my idea of a very enjoyable fall afternoon!

I may or may not get off the couch tonight. The laundry, dishes and floors can wait. They always do! Now, if I could figure out a way to read all the books in this house and knit at the same time I'D BE SET!

Here's to a cozy fall night!

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