Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Little Treasure!

I am SO thrilled! I found this adorable little egg this afternoon when I went to feed! What a miracle!

In June, I lost 26 birds. It was devastating as I had to delay my hopes of having farm fresh eggs for a bit. I never gave up hope that there would be eggs on the Rafter Lazy H, I just didn't know when! Camo, the only surviving chicken and Feathers, the only duck, survived and thrived through the summer. I didn't know if she'd lay or not and truthfully didn't care. She's a sweet, sweet gal and will come up to me, without fear, to receive a light feather stroke. She'll always have a place here and in my heart.

I could focus on having only one measly egg, compared to the 26 that I could've had but I'm not! I am thrilled all over with the adorable little treasure that I just found. One chicken, one egg and a great big miracle to this cowgirl's heart! Who knew something so simple could bring me to tears and make me dance and sing with joy, in the daylight, in the middle of the chicken pen?! Maybe this was her way of thanking Chad for the new "mansion" she's living in?!

What a wonderful blessing! I just had to share!

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