Monday, October 18, 2010


One of the rituals I love is walking out on my deck each morning. Hot coffee in hand, and three deep breaths sets my day off right.

Sometimes I see the "grazing crew" down in the canyon, sometimes by the windmill, on occasion, they're roaming near the arena. My favorite of coarse is when I spy them just past the back deck, making their way up the hill, placid, regal, beautiful.

I love that they appear to be tranquil but can, in a split second, bring the sound of rolling thunder with their hooves when they hear Chad calling them in for their daily grain rations. I adore my dogs though there is something magnificent about the equine species. I am really glad we live where we do. I like having this view.

The house is now quiet and the kitchen somewhat put back into shape after the morning scramble. I've been dreading and waiting for today. I'm about to pack up three rooms so that we can have a "carpet tearing out party tonight". This is the first of three steps left to complete for the upstairs remodel: carpet replacement in the bedrooms and office, new counter tops and tile floor in the master bath. There is no time limit, apparently I like to drag things out!

I'll be working solo for a bit since the kids are at school and Chad is working. I need to take advantage of not having extra hands because as soon as Blue Sparkle gets home, she'll be more than glad to help me rearrange!

If you are in the area, and are bored out of your mind, join me! I still have some delicious hot cider left from yesterdays' celebration and a couple of yummy cherry turnovers. I feed my helpers well!

Enjoy this brisk, wonderful, autumn day!

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