Tuesday, October 26, 2010

List Making The Key To Success

Are you a list maker? There's no question that I am! I make lists for groceries, homework, home improvement, farm/ranch projects and even writing ideas. It could be said that I am a "chronic" list maker.....I fit the bill.

Part of my drive is the stern dislike of being unorganized and scattered. For those that follow Nine Star Ki, I am a one water/three tree so I do have the ability to "go with the flow and adapt". I also crave new vistas and learning experiences, which can certainly appear as scattered, unplanned and chaotic! Post youth, I'm more inclined to finish a project before the deadline versus burning the midnight oil like I used to do. My motto in college was that I worked better under pressure. This may have been true to an extent, but now, the adrenaline doesn't negate the stress!

As part of organization and time management classes I teach, I research strategies and ideas to help streamline time and efficiency. The challenge for me is always how to cram more in a day AND still find time to do things I enjoy.

I had a grand revelation this summer: I bought a huge white board, removed a lovely picture and hung it in a prominent place.

On this board hangs lunch menus, invitations, a favorite picture, drawings, kids' chore lists, reminders and a daily/weekly over view. When I know what's coming down the line it's easier to plan ahead. I'm a very visual person so having everything in one spot is supportive.

I used to write down grocery lists but I find it more efficient to put that list in my phone, which is always with me. Too many times I've made a grocery list only to find that it is 30 some miles to the south when I hit the store and rummage through a full messenger bag!

I also am using what I call a "Mom Planner" I wasn't going to spend $50 on the one I saw on line. Instead I spent $12 on a purple one when we were school shopping. It has school calendars, health information, christmas list ideas, and any other information I need to keep track of. It's too bulky to pack around so it sits near my desk for quick referral.

The other device I've incorporated is a notebook that lists what I accomplished for the day. In the rush to get so many things done, I forget what I DID, as opposed to all the things I DID NOT! I list important accomplishments, significant data, the weather and even funny comments my children make. I guess it would be sort of a diary but I don't include my personal feelings. (I have another journal for that!)

Many wonderful readers have sent emails asking, "how do you do all that you do?" This is how, though I'm not above scrapping the list in lieu of something spontaneous, magical, more important and just plain fun! Listing and organizing is important so that you are able to take advantage of wonderful opportunities as they arise.....guilt free!

Happy Listing!

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