Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Carpet

This isn't the best picture of the new car-pet-o but my camera card is full and I am in the midst of "moving back in" to a place I never left! So maybe more pics later?

If you are a regular of this little 'ol blog, you know I am OCD when it comes to floors. My favorite gadget in the world is a Kirby vacuum, I heart it. With one itty bitty house pooch, three kids, hubby, and a constant stream of traffic out front, back and side doors, that piece of equipment is essential. Right now we're not fighting mud, we're battling burrs---sandburs everywhere. I HATE stickers, especially on the stairs. Grrrrr!

Flies are the other nemesis. It hasn't frozen so they are swarming the house and windows by the billions This is actually not that much of an exaggeration. It's bad when you look through the window and can't see daylight...... So, the vacuum comes in super handy there too.

I've been on the go for the past few days so things are not back to order yet, but they will be soon. I did pause for a moment to reflect and enjoy the new floor. It looks great and I love seeing it versus the previous covering. It makes me remember the importance of dreaming and positive affirmations coupled with luck, determination and good old fashioned muscle power! New carpet may not sound like much, but to me, wanting it for the last five years IS a big deal. I've wished and hoped and saved bucks for this expense because there were a lot of other things that did come first. I get that, and there's no reason why we can't hold on to those dreams that feel out of reach. Just because what we want is not here RIGHT NOW, doesn't mean it won't ever be. Our dreams may be hiding at a time in the future, waiting for just the perfect timing so we'll truly appreciate what we're about to have!
They may be just down the road, maybe closer, maybe the next step away. The important thing to know is that are there, and this is what we can carry in our hearts TODAY.

May the sunshine light you path as you journey on.

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